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WPO WorldStar Student Awards

All the judges scores are in and we can now announce the winners of the WPO WorldStar Student Awards 2017.

WorldStar Student Award Winners

The top three (3) highest scoring entries.

Xinyi Ye, Xiaoqing Chen (China) – Simple and portable watermelon packaging
Paul Woodman (United States) – SticKit
Brendan Smyth (United States) – Tea Stems

The Save Food Packaging Awards

The top three (3) highest scoring entries for the Save Food criteria.  There was a tie resulting in there being 4 winners of this award

Anne Bansen (Germany) TASTE(e) FOOD
Nusaiba Al-Rawahi (Oman) Omani DAtes Khabisa
Amany Shabban (Eqypt) Amany
Sara Elkalkoli (Morocco) Koutoubia Product

Congratulations to all the winners and winning packaging associations. The attached PDF is list all the winners by award and is sorted by Country, not by scores.

WPO WSS 2017 Results List