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Barrier IML for new mayo

In August 2017, the leading South African food maker Clover Industries Ltd. surprised South African consumers with Cream O’Naise: a brand-new, creamy mayonnaise in a rectangular package injection-molded of polypropylene.
Clover did not just put a new type of mayonnaise on the market with this product — the barrier In-Mold-Labeled packaging also stands out on supermarket shelves thanks to its shape. As an introductory promotion, customers buying Cream O’Naise got one reusable tub as part of a two-pack, giving them a great incentive to start collecting the tubs and keeping them as reusable storage containers. Injection molder Polyoak gave the tub its special shape, while Verstraete IML–part of Multi-Color Corp.—supplied Polyoak with the barrier in-mold label.

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