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Provides quality and accredited training and education services to the plastics industry and related sectors through sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring that the needs and demands of the plastics industry are met with excellence by trained and experienced professionals within the NQF L2 to NQF L5 Occupational Band.

The importance of plastics as a material choice for producing simple to complex parts cannot be overlooked. These parts require skilled workers to design and manufacture them. Very specialised skills are required in the industry from Material Mixing to Mould Setting. Supervisors and Managers keep production plants running efficiently to ensure production targets and quality requirements are met making Supervisory and Generic Management Skills equally important. At an operations level, well-trained mould-setters and plant operators are also in short supply due to a lack of proper training and new competency demands arising from innovation and technological development. The availability of trained and experienced shop floor occupations remains of critical importance for the industry to prosper.


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