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Packaging SA

Courses and Qualifications offered by RPMASA

The Responsible Packaging Management Association of Southern Africa (RPMASA) is the leading Southern African organisation for all in the supply chain of Industrial and Retail chemicals and products, providing various services for Classification, Packaging, Labelling, safe transport and storage. It has links to various International Organisations through its participation in the UN Committee of Experts for transport of dangerous goods and the GHS.

Packaging SA

Courses and Qualifications offered by IPSA

IPSA aims to promote and maintain packaging as a profession in South Africa. To assist in this regard IPSA offers educational courses which includes an Introduction to Packaging short course, a Diploma in Packaging Technology, and an Advanced Packaging Diploma.

Packaging SA

Courses and Qualifications offered by Plastics|SA

Plastics|SA provides quality and accredited training and education services to the plastics industry and related sectors through sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring that the needs and demands of the plastics industry are met with excellence by trained and experienced professionals.

Packaging SA

Courses and Qualifications offered by PAMSA

PAMSA’s role in the education, training and research space is multifaceted and covers a broad spectrum of projects. Various education and training opportunities exist within the pulp and paper sector. PAMSA’s education ladder outlines three paths for: those who work full-time, school leavers and those students from TVET colleges, with Grade 10-12 or a technical matric.