Know your plastics

Polymer code

Despite the popular misconception, the identification code does not indicate the safety of the products – it is an international code used to identify the various plastics for effective recycling.

Recycling logo

The recycling logo indicates that the product is recyclable.  Plastics are versatile, durable, and recyclable. They can be reused without any risk to your health or the environment

Polymer code



Recycled into

PET_01 pet1-bottle Bottles and jars for cooldrink, detergent, juice, mineral water and food pet1-recycled
PET_02 pet2-bottle Bottles for milk, juice, and shampoo, shopping bags, household containers and crates and closures pet2-recycled
PET_03 pet3-bottle Clear jarsand bottles for toiletries, food, medication and cling film pet3-recycled
PET_04 pet4-bag Bags for frozen vegetables, bread, garbage and toilet paper, milk sachets and shrink wrap pet4-recycled
 PET_05  pet5-icecream Yogurt and margerine tubs, icecream containers, bottle tops and closures and clear and metallised films for confectionary and sweets  pet5-recycled
 PET_06 pet6-clam Yogurt cups, clamshells, food trays for meat, fruit and vegetables, vending cups  pet6-recycled
 PET_07  pet6-processed In packaging it could be multi-layer materials for long-life products like cheese, processed meats and sauces  other-recycled
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