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SRF FLEXIPAK – Sword of Honour


SRF Flexipak has won a prestigious Sword of Honour from the British Safety Council.

The company’s Cato Ridge site in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa was one of the organisations worldwide that achieved a Sword of Honour, which is awarded to companies which have demonstrated excellence in the management of health and safety risks at work.  

Peter McGettrick, Chairman of the British Safety Council, said: “On behalf of the board of trustees and staff of the British Safety Council I would like to congratulate SRF Flexipak Pty LTD on achieving the highest standards of health, safety and environmental management. Achieving recognition of this sort takes real dedication and absolute professionalism. We are proud to support your organisation in its achievement and delighted we can contribute to your ongoing success.”

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, added: “I would like to congratulate SRF Flexipak Pty LTD and its staff on their achievement and applaud them for keeping their workplace safe and healthy. I pay tribute to SRF Flexipak Pty LTD for its hard work and commitment.

Pieter Jordaan – Country Head (South Africa)

“All of the Sword and Globe winning organisations share a commitment and resolve to achieve the uppermost standards of health and safety management. We thank them for contributing to achieving our vision that no-one should be injured or made ill through their work.”     

Article supplied by Bright Saurombe of SRF Flexipak