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Gold Pack 2019

There are THREE DAYS TO GO for you to enter Gold Pack 2019. Promote your packaging excellence by entering an example of your great packaging before the 12th July.
Go to to enter now.

The judges will be looking for examples that demonstrate packaging at its best. These awards are not just about innovation, but are particularly about professionalism in packaging. Has your packaging overcome a challenge? … Solved a specific problem? …. Met a particular need? … This is what impresses the judges and will earn your pack a Gold Pack medal. Teamwork, co-operation and creative problem-solving are important factors in proving that your packaging is a worthy flag-bearer for the packaging industry.
Go to for details.

Entry is open to convertors, brand owners and suppliers to the industry – anyone involved in any aspect of the production of the packaging to be entered.

Go to now to find out how easy it is to enter and to demonstrate your excellence in packaging.