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IPSA Gold Pack Awards – Enter Now

Is your packaging excellent? Then you should be entering the Gold Pack Awards. This is not only a showcase for innovation, but also is a showcase for excellence in packaging – considering all the disciplines and science involved. These awards are an excellent way to “strut your stuff”.

17 Days to Enter

Gold Pack 2018 on-line entries close in just over two weeks – on the 15th July. Pack samples need to be delivered by 31st July. Go to this link to find out how easy it is to enter.

Link to Gold Pack Entry Requirements

The Gold Pack Awards are intended to showcase excellence in packaging craftmanship – this includes, but is not limited to innovation. The judges are looking for packaging that displays the state of professionalism and the quality of packaging produced locally. PLUS this year’s “Star of Africa” is in two parts. Packaging produced in South Africa for Africa and also packaging produced in Africa but not in South Africa. There are many other categories and awards. For details click on the following link

Link to Gold Pack Categories

Don’t miss out on being a part of the 2018 Gold Pack Awards. Even if your company does not directly produce packaging and may be a supplier to the packaging industry, you should still be a part of Gold Pack 2018. For details for any company seeking promotional opportunities and to show their support of the industry, click on the following link.

Link to promotion opportunities

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