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MetPac-SA has appointed packaging guru Kishan Singh to take over the helm from Delanie Bezuidenhout as the organisation’s new Chief Executive Officer with effect from the 1st of March 2018.

Kishan is widely known and respected for his in-depth knowledge, technical and commercial expertise within the metals packaging sector. He obtained his BSc degree (majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry) from the University of Durban Westville in 1987, before completing his Post Graduate qualification in Management Sciences. He then achieved the City and Guilds (Quality Management) through the UK, obtaining distinctions in both the modules. He recently acquired the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt status through Dr Mikel Harry’s Six Sigma Management Institute USA, and is currently busy with his Masters/PhD degree in Quality Management in South Africa.

This degree focuses on practical techniques in ISO9001:2015 Business Systems design that will actually deliver true and measurable financial benefits through process optimisation, rather than the current stagnant methodologies employed over the past 30 years.

He gained valuable hands-on experience as the Quality Manager of Nampak DivFood Mobeni (2003-2016), managing the business across Operations, Quality, Supply Chain, Engineering and Sales, before starting his own Management Consulting and Training company, Global Integrated Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd. They specialise in integrated Business Management Systems as well as the design of Quality Business System Models in support of overall business objectives.

Commenting on his new appointment, Kishan says it is an honour and a privilege to continue serving the metal packaging sector and that he is extremely excited about what the future holds for this industry.

Although the future looks bright, Kishan says he also mindful of the various challenges that need to be overcome. “The metals industry should not underestimate the threat of losing market share to other packaging materials. We should therefore constantly be on the lookout for ways to innovate and promote the message that metal is truly an environmentally sustainable packaging solution. Spreading the recycling message, news of our industry’s ongoing and impressive metal recovery rates, as well as  continual innovation to preserve natural resources, are all critical in proving our extended producer responsibility to the consumer, government and other stake holders,” Kishan explains.

To this end, Kishan will be taking a leading role over the next few months in completing and submitting MetPac-SA’s plan for the Industry Waste Management Plan (IndWMP) by the September 2018 deadline. “This will probably be the single most important initiative that I will be driving in the short-to medium term as the entire packaging industry, through dedicated Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs), are all currently working together to achieve this deadline,” he says.

Another key area of focus for him will be increasing membership to MetPac-SA by encouraging raw material suppliers, primary packaging converters, fillers,bottlers as well as brand owners to create a truly unified voice that promotes the benefits of metal packaging and demonstrates manufacturer responsibility on efficient use of raw materials.

“It is vitally important for all the members of the metals packaging value chain to come together, not only as packaging people, but as industrialists, to work in harmony with the planet by creating a true, circular economy. Joining a PRO such as MetPac-SA is not only the right thing to do from an environmental point of view, but it strengthens our hands and our combined efforts to plough back much-needed research, resources and results to create an environmentally responsible, sustainable industry,” Kishan implores.