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Buy local to create jobs

Unemployment in South Africa is at nearly 28%. Even more frightening is that of this percentage, half have never ever worked. Research shows that, if you have never had a job before, your chances of finding employment decreases with each year.  Concerns about unemployment in the country started in 1998. While the country was experiencing growth, the jobs were not forthcoming out of this growth, explains Howard Gabriels, chairperson Proudly South Africa.
He was addressing the Buy Local Summit and Expo launch that took place recently in Johannesburg. This will be the seventh Buy Local Summit and Expo. It takes place on the 14 and 15 March at the Sandton Convention Centre.
He says the 1998 jobs summit led to the creation of Proudly South Africa. “Today our mandate is the same as back then: to create jobs.”
As such the biggest campaign the organisation has undertaken is to help all its stakeholders to understand how procuring or buying local can create jobs.
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Written by  Danette Breitenbach on posted on bizcommunity on 7 February 2017