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WPO launches new Position Papers to the global packaging community

The new publications are about ‘Education & Training in Packaging’ and ‘Packaging and Supply Chain Management’

The Position Paper on ‘Education & Training in Packaging’, written by WPO Vice President, Pierre Pienaar, gives a clear and overall understanding of what packaging is and the role that education can and should havein the packaging field. 

“The purpose of this paper is to help bring about on-going discussion on the implications of global packaging education in the developed and developing world. This paper is one of WPO’s position papers intended to clearly state the Organisation’s views and thinking on key issues relevant to packaging education today. The goals of this paper are to further explore and understand packaging education in a more globalised society; to recognize the importance that WPO gives to the subject matter; and,

Consequently, to outline WPO’s position in this regard. The aim is to focus WPO’s standard-setting, capacity building and functions to assist Member Countries in the formulation of appropriate policies and strategies to meet the challenges posed to packaging education in a globalised world. As this is a rapidly developing field, the outlined position is likely to evolve as the debate progresses and will be subject to subsequent revisions”, states Pienaar in the introduction chapter.

Vice President of Packaging Science and Economics, Dr. Carl Olsmats, responsible for writing the Position Paper on ‘Packaging and Supply Chain Management’, justifies the importance of this publication concluding:” It is quite clear that packaging can contribute significantly to overall supply chain performance. To realize this potential, it is important for the packaging industry to build and develop long-term relations not only with the direct customers, but also customers’ customers and ultimately end-users. Packaging systems that are fit for use and designated for special roles and functions in the supply chain are necessary. Functional requirements include sustainability demands like adopting and blending into re-use or recycling systems on local markets. Supply chain integration is a key packaging strategy to fulfill the holistic packaging mission to save more resources than it costs.”

WPO Education & Training in Packaging

WPO Packaging & Supply Chain Management