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Three dynamic packaging design trends for 2017

After a polarizing 2016, consumers are ready to embrace more optimistic, unifying experiences. Does your packaging engage and empower consumers by addressing the issues important to them?

In 2017, brands should, and will, take a decidedly more optimistic tone as they become a unifier for fatigued American consumers. During the second half of 2016—beginning with the Rio Summer Olympics, through the election cycle, and into the early holiday season—we started seeing brands ignite the trend of unity and empathize with a stressed-out nation. They came to the rescue, providing a needed mental break, a unifying rallying cry, or a sense of patriotism.  These themes will only become stronger as brands use limited-edition packaging and messages that encourage consumers to come together over shared experiences, shared stories, and the shared love of friends, family, and community. As we kick off 2017,  three top brand and packaging trends to watch for, together with examples of successful package designs, and tips on taking advantage of these trends.