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RecycleReady Technology from a manufacturer’s view

RecycleReady Technology, invented by The Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, MI), is a sustainable packaging option for flexible films that offers a variety of barrier properties with the additional benefit of recyclability.

Packaging with RecycleReady Technology can be integrated into the recycling stream thrMaco Pkg examples.ough pre-existing store drop-offs at end of life.

As a custom manufacturer of flexible packaging, Maco Pkg (Newark, NY) offers RecycleReady Technology to customers that have a dedication to sustainability and an appropriate product for implementation.  Industry is well aware of the need for sustainable, recycle-ready packaging. RecycleReady Technology is Maco Pkg’s response to feedback received from brand owners.

This recyclable, sustainable packaging option offers most of the same advantages as conventional film, but gains recyclability.

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