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Packaging SA, formerly known as the Packaging Council of South Africa (PACSA), is a voluntary industry body established in 1984 and closely associated with The Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA). Its primary objective is to provide effective leadership and representation on major external and internal issues affecting the packaging industry in South Africa. The organization represents the views of its members, which include Converters and Associates, on national issues, with a particular focus on environmental matters.

Packaging SA

Packaging Council of South Africa

Extended Producer Responsibility

It is mandatory for any Producer to become a member of an approved EPR Scheme or Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) by no later than, 5 November 2021 and pay the relevant EPR fee

Education & Training

The Responsible Packaging Management Association of Southern Africa (RPMASA) is the leading Southern African organisation for all in the supply chain of Industrial and Retail chemicals and products, providing various services for Classification, Packaging, Labelling, safe transport and storage.

Design for Recycling

The aim of the “Design for Recycling for Packaging and Paper in SA” guide is to encourage designers to consider recycling possibilities, provide guidelines for those wishing to make their packaging (more) recyclable and provide everyone with information to prevent their packaging inadvertently interfering with existing plastic recycling streams.

Fins your Nearest Recycler

Packaging SA

Industry News

    • Successful “Recycling in the Bag” campaign
    • Think before you throw this Global Recycling Day
    • GOOD NEWS – Paper grocery and take-away food bags can be collected for recycling
    • SRF FLEXIPAK – Sword of Honour

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