Waste Management Plan

A key objective of the Waste Management Plan is to increase the recycling rate for new packaging and paper from 44.2% in 2009 to over 54% by 2018.  In 2009, 1 539 million tonnes were recycled and by 2018 this is expected to be in excess of 2.1 million tonnes, some 570 000 tonnes more than in 2009.

These figures are based on a projected average growth rate of around 2% per year in the market for these materials, a relatively low rate mainly due to lighter materials replacing more traditional packs.

The Paper and Packaging Industry Plan submitted to the DEA in August 2011 was updated and submitted to the DEA in September 2014, this draft is now completely obsolete.

The Sector is busy with the compilation of a new one to align with the requirements of the Section 28 Notice published on 6 December 2017.

Packaging SA intends to submit a Federation of Plans for the Packaging Industry as a whole.  Please read the attached letter for further information and recent advert re the public participation process.

IWMP Stakeholder letter

IWMP Advert 149 x 200mm

Download copies of the Act:

National Environmental Management: Waste Act 59 of 2008
National Environmental Management: Waste Amendment Act 26 of 2014